, author: Plackhin A.

Christopher Nolan explained why he makes big-budget movies

Although the director started out with the $9 million indie drama Memento (2000).

Photo source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Christopher Nolan is a big fan of movies that can be categorized as independent films. For example, he really likes the recent drama "Aftersun" (2022) and melodrama "Past Lives" (2023). He revealed this in an interview with Time magazine. However, when asked if he'd like to return to making low-budget films, as he did with his first critically acclaimed picture "Memento," Nolan replied in the negative.

"I'm attracted to large-scale projects because I know how fragile the ability to operate with those resources can be," he explained. - I know that there are many filmmakers in the world who would give anything for the resources I'm gathering, and I feel a responsibility to use them in the most productive and interesting way possible."

Nolan's last film to date as a director, the biopic "Oppenheimer" (2023) cost $100 million to make, while the previous one cost twice as much. Thanks to the skill of the director, his pictures not only pay off budgets, but also bring movie studios a good profit. For example, "Oppenheimer" earned more than $ 950 million at the box office.