, author: Ermakova M.

The trailer for the action movie “Code 8: Part 2” has been published

Almost the same team worked on the film as on its predecessor, “Code 8” (2019).

Netflix has released the official trailer for its new film “Code 8: Part 2” - a sequel to the 2019 science fiction action film “Code 8”. On the screen you can again see the actors, brothers in real life, Robbie and Stephen Amell, who played the main roles in the original film. The sequel is another continuation of the short film directed by the Amells in 2016.

Photo source: Collective Pictures

The story follows Connor, who is released from prison and works as a janitor at a community center. He chose to no longer have anything to do with his former criminal colleague Garrett. However, the former's attempt to stay out of trouble goes awry when he is forced to assist 14-year-old Pav in escaping from corrupt police officers led by Sergeant King. He uses newly produced K9 robots to track down the boy, causing Connor to once again turn to Garrett and his team for help. But can he trust the man who put him in prison?

The film was directed by Jeff Chan. The roles were also played by Alex Mallari Jr., Sirena Gulamgaus, Jin Yoon, Aaron Abrams and others. The premiere of the film “Code 8: Part 2” is scheduled for Netflix on February 28th.