, author: Ermakova M.

Filming for the third season of Foundation has been postponed again.

The literary basis was the science fiction novels of Isaac Asimov.

Photo source: Apple TV

Filming for the third season of Foundation, the Apple TV+ saga based on Isaac Asimov's trilogy, has been postponed again. This time due to problems with financing and logistics. The cast and crew were ready to begin work in the Czech Republic and then in Polze when they were suddenly asked to return home.

The main roles were to be played by Jared Harris and Lee Pace. The plot revolves around the "Foundation" - a group of exiles who decide to save the Galactic Empire from destruction by challenging it.

The most interesting thing is that this is the second time that production of the third season of “Foundation” has been paused. The first time this happened was in April last year, when two weeks after filming began, it was stopped due to the outbreak of a strike by Hollywood screenwriters. To date, the season remains a third unfinished.

The showrunner and executive producer of the project is David S. Goyer. Skydance Television is responsible for filming.