, author: Ermakova M.

Spike Lee and Denzel Washington to reunite for Kurosawa's Heaven and Hell

In 2006, they worked on the crime thriller “Not Caught, Not a Thief.”

Photo source: Erik Voake/Getty Images

Denzel Washington and Spike Lee will meet again on the set for the first time since working on the film “No Caught, No Thief” (2006). Together with Apple Original Films and A24, the stars will film the adaptation of the crime drama by the outstanding Japanese director Akira Kurosawa “Heaven and Hell” (1963).

Based on the novel Ransom by Ed McBain, it follows a businessman (Toshiro Mifune) who faces the difficult dilemma of whether to pay the ransom for his driver's son, who was mistakenly stolen.

Spike Lee will write the remake script with Alan Fox. Denzel Washington will play the lead role. The start of production of the film is scheduled for early March.