, author: Ermakova M.

Cute and cinematic: 5 films with cats

On March 1, our country annually celebrates Cat Day. What's not a good reason to watch a movie with furry characters?

Cats symbolize comfort and tranquility, grace and tenderness. This is probably why they are so loved. People's love for cats, as well as the theme of the relationship between mustachioed and tabby cats with people, has been reflected more than once in cinema - domestic and foreign. We recommend viewing several particularly interesting paintings:

"Garfield" (2004)

An animated film based on the comics by Jim Davis, the main character of which - a funny red cat named Garfield - does, in general, the same thing as his relatives all over the world - eats deliciously and sleeps a lot, and also does a little dirty tricks on his owner . One day, a new inhabitant appears in the house where Garfield dominates - the puppy Odie. An offended cat is jealous of the owner of the puppy and competes with him in every possible way.

"The Master and Margarita" (2005)

A serial film by Vladimir Bortko, where the legendary cat Behemoth appears not just as a humanized cat, but also as a very intelligent creature with a sense of humor and self-esteem. He is not evil, but very cunning. The manner of speech of Alexander Bashirov, who reincarnated as Behemoth, perfectly emphasized the irony of the character.

"Cats" (2019)

A musical film by Tom Hooper, based on the musical of the same name, which avid (and not so avid) theatergoers vied with each other about in the early 2000s. The plot centers on the cat Victoria, who was thrown out onto the street by her owner. Stray cats meet her and take her under their protection.

"Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession" (1973)

In this film, the role of the cat, at first glance, is insignificant (the animal flashed only a few times in the frame and said goodbye to the audience in the finale), but some symbolism can be seen in it. Black cats, as a rule, personify something dark - trouble, threat. If we take into account the unusual act of Alexander Timofeev, who designed a time machine and looked into the past (a very brave act, contrary to the laws of time and nature), then the appearance of an animal in this film is quite logical.

"Cats of the Hermitage" (2022)

A family animated film by Vasily Rovensky, in which people play a secondary role, and cats are in the foreground. Vincent the cat and Maurice the mouse end up in St. Petersburg, where they become part of the friendly family of Hermitage cats (on the territory of the Winter Palace, furry cats are still bred specifically to protect the museum from rodent attacks). Vincent has to hide Maurice from the other cats because he will easily be eaten. But the mouse has a small weakness - masterpieces of world art seem very tasty to him. While feasting on paintings, the rodent declassifies itself...