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A puppy's first days in his new home

It's an important day for your puppy as he separates from his mother and litter. To help him feel happy in his new home, follow these tips.

Now you are the owner of this furry little miracle that you've been dreaming of for so long. Happy with the little boll of fur in your arms, you go home with him. This is an exciting time! Keep in mind, however, that the first few days can be stressful, not only for the puppy, but also for his owner. What can you do to get your furry friend settled in more quickly?

Let's begin by preparing for a puppy in the house

You don't want to bring a puppy into an "empty" home. Take care to buy the necessary things for the puppy in advance, so that his adaptation goes as smoothly as possible. Here's a list of things you should buy before the puppy arrives at home:

An aviary. Once home, an aviary will go a long way toward helping him adjust, as it will be his territory where he'll feel safe. Also, an aviary will help you keep your belongings intact until you teach your pet what he can and can't chew.
Sleeping space. The dog bed should be comfortable for your pet, and that's the most important thing. Marketplaces offer a wide variety of them, choose to your liking.

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Two bowls (for water and food). It is desirable that they do not slip on the floor or stand on a stand. They should be easy to clean. Pet water must be refreshed daily.
Diapers (for the toilet). Responsible breeders usually have puppies poop on diapers, so you shouldn't have any trouble toileting
Toys. Your puppy's teeth will be changing. Keep this in mind when choosing a toy for your puppy. The toy should not be too big. It should fit in your dog's mouth and be easy to grasp with his teeth. Ask the breeder for a toy that the puppy liked to play with in the old house.
Food. Ask the breeder what kind of food the puppy was eating, and purchase the same.

Choose a corner of the house where the puppy's enclosure will stand. Preferably, he should not be left alone at night. Set up the aviary and put a dog bed, bowls, diaper, and toys in it. Remember that your puppy needs plenty of room to move around.

Puppy at home

Remain calm. Your puppy may be bothered by new things. Things he sees, sounds, smells. Also, he has just been separated from his mother. Keep your home quiet to avoid adding to his stress.
Keep your puppy in an aviary. This is where food will be waiting for him, a place where he can rest. Give him a toy that he played with at the birthing facility. In fact, if you have an aviary set up, this is where everything he was used to back at his old home will be waiting for him. Let him get used to it, give him some time alone with himself and the new place. Next, you can open the aviary door so he can get out of it under your supervision if he wants to.
Keep an eye on your puppy. Chances are he'll want to pee after the stress of the trip. You'll notice it easily as he'll be kicking and screaming for space. Help him out by putting him down on the diaper. Do this after nap, meal times, play times and any time he gets excited. Encourage him whenever he goes to the diaper.

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