, author: Plackhin A.

Whiskers and tails: interesting facts about cats

Cats are some of the most graceful animals on the planet.

There is a long-standing debate among pet owners about which is better - cats or dogs? Much has been said about the merits of dogs, so it's time to talk about cats. For fans of Tabbys and Gibs, here are some interesting facts about man's whiskered and tailed friends:

- The domestication of cats began in 7500 B.C. People in the Middle East were the first to get these pets;

- Cats 'speak' a hundred different sounds that are not similar to each other. Dogs have a much smaller 'vocabulary' - 10 sounds.

- These fluffers don't sweat. The only part of their body that can get wet are their paw pads;

- Cats' bodies allow them to drink seawater without harming their health. This is possible thanks to the ability of a cat's kidneys to filter salt;

- Cats, like most living creatures, can dream. As early as a week after birth, a kitten can travel through the world of dreams;

- Despite the fact that in our country the black cat is considered to be the harbinger of bad luck, the British and Australians are not afraid of meeting this animal on their way - in Australia and Great Britain the black cat symbolizes good luck;

- Cats have a special "gesture" of declaring their love for their owners: the animal raises its tail so that it stretches like a trumpet;

- A cat's habit to eat food after taking it out of its bowl is connected with the fact that these animals do not like the food to touch the walls of the bowl.