, author: Ermakova M.

SpaceX starship takes off successfully but explodes during first undock

The second trial launcher of Starship went a little further, but was not successfully completed.

The SpaceX Starship launch was successful this time, but it exploded shortly after.

After the first attempt had to be canceled within the last 40 seconds of the countdown due to a valve freezing, this time the SpaceX Starship actually managed to launch. However, before separation of the super-heavy rocket took place, the failure of five of its engines caused the starship to deviate from its trajectory and explode, eventually crashing into the ocean.

Initially, it was necessary to stop the countdown in the last seconds due to one pressure problem, and then another in the second stage. However, they were deemed to have been corrected in time and a launch was made that was not completed on time. This is to be expected, so it's not a disappointment for SpaceX, which at least has already managed to get further than before.

As for the fragments, they all fell into the sea as planned, so there were no injuries or property damage, except for damage to the Starship itself.

What is so special about Starship?

Starship is the largest reusable rocket in the world. It is 120 meters tall and was built to be able to travel to distant planets without having to load a lot of fuel. He can complete a mission on one planet and then get fuel from another ship. It will refuel in outer space. In addition, the propulsion system would not be stuck waiting to deorbit, but would instead land in a controlled manner on Earth and could be used again.

Since this is a completely new missile, one would expect the first few attempts to be unsuccessful. However, what Starship has accomplished is big news for SpaceX. Having lost part of the trajectory, the ship held out for several seconds, pirouettes in the air, very close to the Max Q point. This is the point at which the dynamic stress is maximized. Thus, that it has held out for so long, just at this point, shows that Starship has a lot of resilience. Perhaps the next attempt will be finally successful.