, author: Plackhin A.

Irina Viner has named her possible successors

Alina Kabaeva was named the most likely candidate.

Photo source: From the social networks of the Irina Viner Gymnastics Center.

Irina Viner, head coach of the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team and president of the All-Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation (VFGF), has named the names of her possible successors in an interview with Sport24, with Olympic champion and two-time all-around world champion Alina Kabaeva the most likely.

"My heart tells me that my successor is Alina Kabaeva, but she is not ready yet," Wiener said.

In addition to Alina Kabaeva, Yulia Barsukova and Sasha Soldatova were also mentioned.

"I have a lot of my children, my disciples who know a lot and understand everything just like me. At any moment I am ready to pass on to them, to educate, to define and to work together. I'm To pass on the heritage, all that we have built" she added.