, author: Ermakova M.

Four new emperor penguin colonies discovered in Antarctica

Scientists discovered them thanks to satellite images obtained while observing other populations.

Photo source: 123rf.com

Scientists from the British Antarctic Center (BAS) have discovered four previously unknown emperor penguin colonies using satellite imagery.

Melting ice in Antarctica has forced several colonies of emperor penguins to move in search of more stable sea ice to breed, with some populations already moving 30-40 kilometers. It was during satellite observation that four previously unrecorded ones were discovered. Particularly in Halley Bay.

"Even though the emperors are affected by changing ice conditions, it's good that we're still finding colonies," said Peter Fretwell from BAS.

Despite these encouraging results, the situation for emperor penguins remains challenging as melting ice exacerbates their difficulties in breeding and they are at high risk of extinction.