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Getting to Know Qatar: Top 10 Nightlife in Doha

The nightlife in the Qatari capital is colorful and exciting: rooftop bars, historic shopping districts and even adventures in the desert will not leave you indifferent.

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Doha is famous for its ultra-modern skyscrapers and masterpieces of Islamic architecture, but at night rooftop bars, historic shopping districts and even desert adventures give the opportunity to see the city in a new light.

There are thousands of ways to experience Doha's colorful and exciting nightlife. You can visit the best markets in Qatar, have a cocktail while admiring a magical sunset, or sit with friends over a hookah on a chilly evening. We've chosen the best nightlife in Doha for you.


1. Suk Wakif Market.

После захода солнца улицы становятся оживленными. Рынок Сук-Вакиф. Доха, Катар.

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On the horizon of Doha you can see a modern city full of skyscrapers. However if you walk through the alleys of Waqif Market, you'll feel like you're going back in time. These charming alleyways are home to historic masterpieces of Arab architecture, traditional street stalls, and fine restaurants.

Wakif Market wakes up at night when the heat dies down and a cool breeze hits. Here you can buy local handicrafts, watch street performances, visit the Falcon Market and visit the art museum. If you want a deeper cultural experience, walk the streets and alleys around Wakif Market.

Four Seasons Hotel: hookah terrace.

Встречайтесь на террасе или крыше. Four Seasons Hotel: кальянная терраса. Доха.

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Hookah plays an important role in Arab culture. During your trip to Doha, you can also stop by the hookah bar to relax like a local.

The hookah terrace is located on the top floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, offering stunning views of the city and the sea. This relaxing and comfortable bar offers great views and warm service.

Night walk on the dau.

Ночная прогулка на дау в Дохе. Погрузитесь в арабскую культуру, любуясь спокойной водой.

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If you like to admire the sunset, you should take a traditional boat, a dau. Most river cruisers cruise for about two hours and leave in time for you to enjoy the sunset.

You can take a traditional cruise to the Corniche, where wooden dinghies will illuminate the water with colorful lights. And if advanced and sophisticated dining is in your plans, you should definitely head to the Pearl of Qatar. There are many yachts there with glass windows, air conditioning and open decks, with more spacious and comfortable seating.

Enjoy the beautiful cityscape in the PURE Lounge.

Классический лаундж PURE Lounge отеля Hilton Doha Old Town.

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If you're looking for first-class nightlife, you can head to the classic PURE Lounge at the Hilton Doha Old Town Hotel for signature cocktails while enjoying panoramic views of the Persian Gulf and the West Bay skyline. On the 15th floor of La Saigail Hotel you will find the Sky View Bar on the top floor. Here you can enjoy live performances and DJ music while sipping cocktails.

Since drinking in public places is prohibited in Quatar, most of the establishments offering strong drinks are located in front of the hotel. They are open to the public until the early morning hours. If you want to have one or two cocktails while admiring the view of the city, you need to make a reservation in advance at the bar on the top floor.

Follow the sports events of the day in the sports bar.

Спорт-бар Champions в отеле Marquis Marriott в самом центре Дохи

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Enjoy world-class snacks, a game of billiards and lots of sports information at the hotel bar. There are quite a few sports bars in Doha, so you won't miss any of the latest news from the world of international sports. Since it is illegal to drink alcoholic beverages in public places, most sports bars are located in hotels, such as the Radisson Blu-ray Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, and Holiday Inn.

The popular Champions Sports Bar is located at the Marquis Marriott Hotel in the heart of Doha and features a multitude of flat-screen TVs broadcasting all the best sports events from around the world, and with the FIFA World Cup coming to Qatar in November, this is a great chance to spend time in pleasant company while not missing a single match of the world's strongest soccer teams. Champions Sports Bar is located near the DECC metro station.

A night tour of the desert. Watch the sunset on the sand dunes.

Закат на песчаных дюнах Катара.

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If you want to escape the crowds and take part in exciting nightlife, then head to the Qatari desert - a dune adventure!

This roller-coaster-like journey will allow you to enjoy stunning scenery and pearly white beaches. Some travel agencies will also let you swim in the waters of Khor el Adaid, with its purest sandy bottom about 80 kilometers south of Doha.

The pearl of Quatar

Жемчужина Катара.

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The Pearl of Qatar is an artificial island in Doha, covering an area of 4 square kilometers. The reason why this island is famous is because the island is home to most of Qatar's high income population. Although the prices in restaurants on the island are high, they offer the best gourmet food. In addition to dozens of seaside restaurants serving food from around the world, you can also find boutiques, supercar showrooms and beach clubs on the Arabian Riviera.

Even if you don't plan to eat or buy specialty foods in the Pearl of Qatar, you'll have fantastic views of the Mediterranean-style villas, noble homes and marinas that make this island so extraordinary.

Enjoy the night view from the Abu Dhabi's Corniche Road

Ночная набережная Корниш. Доха, Катар.

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The Corniche waterfront is a popular meeting place for locals who want to enjoy a cool night out. Also, while the Doha skyline is impressive from every angle, it is on the Corniche waterfront that you will find the most decent views of the city.

Thanks to the greenery, gourmet restaurants, and boat tours, the Corniche has become one of Doha's most popular tourist attractions. After the sun sets, set up your camera and get ready to capture the golden light reflecting on the water and reflecting the contours of the skyscrapers.

Relax on the beach or do water sports.

Пляжный клуб Oyster Bay в отеле St. Regis Doha.

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Visit the Oyster Bay Beach Club at the St. Regis Doha hotel to relax on the white sand beach or engage in water sports such as banana boating and tubing surfing. You can also take a swim in the Olympic-sized pool connected to the coast and relax.

You can also visit the Flip Flops Beach Hut at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, popular with those who want to get away from the crowds. At the Four Seasons, you can enjoy a sunset at the beachfront cottage or stroll through the hotel's beautifully landscaped gardens.

Hilton Doha Hotel Public Lounge.

Общественный лаундж отеля Hilton Doha.

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This is one of Doha's most famous nightclubs. It is located on the top floor of the Hilton Doha Hotel, so you can enjoy a stunning view of the skyline while sipping a cocktail or dancing on the dance floor with friends. The top floor is illuminated by soft purple lights with laser effects. There is also a lounge area where you can take a break from the entertainment.

Most nightclubs are located in four- to five-star hotels in Doha. In addition to Society Lounge, the most popular places are Oxygen Club at La Saigail Hotel, Pearl Lounge at the Marriott Hotel. Rooftop bars in Doha are quite crowded, so if you want to impress those around you, we recommend dressing up before going out.