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Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker: wearable artificial intelligence for pets

The smart collar is an update to last year's device? which was able to measure a pet's location, biometrics and heart rate.

Photo source: freepik.com

During the International Technology and Electronics Show CES-2024, which is taking place right now in Las Vegas, USA, French company Invoxia announced a new Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker smart collar at its booth that is suitable for both dogs and cats. The device is an update of last year's Invoxia smart collar for dogs, which displayed the pet's location along with biometric and heart rate information.

The weight of the new product is only about 36 grams, making it ideal for both dogs and cats. Last year's device weighed 130g. An adjustable ring makes it possible to attach the Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker to any collar.

Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker

Photo source: Invoxia

Location tracking utilizes a built-in SIM card and GPS technology to measure movements in near real time. The Minitailz device can measure data from daily walks, runs, and even zooming.

The pet tracker can also measure and detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) so you can determine if your pet has problems related to an irregular heartbeat. The French company said that if the device detects any abnormalities, it sends you an alert.

Since it's 2024, it's almost a given that any product that displays data in an app will have some generative element of artificial intelligence. The Minitailz app has an interactive artificial intelligence agent that generates personalized reports about pets and answers any questions they may have.

Invoxia's Minitailz smart pet tracker from Invoxia will go on sale starting today, while the cat version will be available in March 2024. Hardware for both versions costs $99, and SIM subscriptions start at $8.30 per month.