, author: Ermakova M.

Perfect! 5 most desirable qualities in an employer

The most important thing in work... No, not only a high and stable salary, but also who hires you for a specific position.

Finding a good employer is not easy, but if you succeed, then you are lucky. By the way, not all positively colored criteria are related to the amount of wages:

Guaranteed career and personal growth

If you are applying for a non-managerial position, you undoubtedly want to be sure that your responsibilities will increase in importance (as well as their level of complexity and excitement) and salary over time. A good employer will ensure this because it is in their best interest to reach your full potential.

Personal benefits

This means paid sick leave/vacation/maternity leave, as well as guaranteed days off.

Friendly atmosphere in the team

A competent employer interested in the success of his business carefully ensures that the atmosphere in the workplace is as friendly and safe as possible for each employee.


Work from home.

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Under certain conditions (for example, if you are sick or your child is sick), a good employer, as a rule, provides the employee with the opportunity to work from home (or slightly change his schedule, making work those hours during which external circumstances cannot interfere with the performance of duties)

The ability to listen (and hear) others

This skill is invaluable for any person, and for an employer it is doubly important. Any employee will appreciate the employer's ability to listen to the team's arguments. Ignoring the opinions of subordinates, believing solely in one’s own rightness and that the employee cannot offer something important and significant for the development of the common cause does not look good on the employer, while his attention to the employees’ arguments allows them (and therefore the employer himself) to feel their value, the significance of their contribution to the activities of the team.