Strange robbers broke into the house of rapper Drake - Inc News
, author: Ermakova M.

Strange robbers broke into the house of rapper Drake

Money and valuables remained in place.

The famous Canadian rapper Drake continues to be in trouble. The other day, at his concert, one of the spectators fell from the balcony, and on the eve of his house was robbed.

The musician himself was absent at that moment, and the police who arrived at the signal found traces of burglary and obvious traces of someone else's stay in the celebrity's home.

According to local tabloids, the robbers have not yet been caught, and only a few things were stolen. At the same time, money and jewelry remained in place.

What exactly was stolen is not specified, but it could be personal items or the singer's concert costumes.

Now law enforcement officers will have to find out - whether the robbers were simply frightened off and they did not have time to take everything they wanted, or whether they were ... Drake's fans who did not get his autographs. And they decided to compensate for the insult with the personal belongings of the idol.