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, author: Ermakova M.

Dunkin Donuts releases Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez ad

Last month, the 50-year-old actor posed for his favorite fast food chain. There was a place in the story for his wife.

Ben Affleck can not only be sad, but also laugh. Dunkin has published footage that was not included in the official promotional video that was shown at the last American Football Championship. In the video, the actor works in one of the network's establishments, serving customers in cars and surprising them when they appear in the issuance window.

“I know you,” one of the visitors exclaims when he sees the star of the Gentle Bar. "Get the hell out of here," adds another, as shown in the video. The actor even trolled one of the clients, saying that Dunkin had run out of both coffee and donuts. At the same time, during work, he admitted that he was experiencing difficulties with the coffee machine. "I'm struggling," he remarked before pouring the drink. "Can't get it to function, malfunction! Operating this apparatus up here is not as easy as it seems.”

Jennifer Lopez also did not stay away from participating in the network's advertising. As a customer, she appears before her husband and asks: “What are you doing? So that's where you are when you say you're going to work all day?" “You embarrass me in front of my friends,” Affleck replies to her. And then the wife tells him to grab a glazed donut for her on the way out.