, author: Ermakova M.

“Time is my biggest obstacle”: Beyoncé released a trailer for a documentary

"Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film" will be available to watch on December 1st.

On Thanksgiving Day, Beyonce delighted fans with a trailer for a documentary filmed on the Renessaince concert tour. The singer spent it in the USA and Europe this summer with great success.

The singer shared the video on social networks and then posted it on Youtube for everyone to see. It contains footage from both concerts and the artist’s family life: children, parents, and husband are shown. According to Beyoncé, time is her biggest obstacle and the realization of its transience comes when she tries to see the world through the eyes of her children. In conclusion, she admits that she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone right now. We create our own world, and no one can take her world away.

The documentary film “Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film” is scheduled to premiere on December 1st.