, author: Ermakova M.

Florists told how to choose tulips

On the eve of International Women's Day, we will share tips on how to extend the life of tulips.

Tulips are the most traditional flowers that men give to their halves on March 8th. However, in order for the flowers to stand longer, you need to know some secrets. Let's reveal a little secret.

Tulips ripen in stages. At the first stage, the buds only appear, and they are green (do not pick), at the second, the bud begins to color (can be cut off), at the third stage, the bud is completely colored, but still tightly closed. At the fourth stage, the bud begins to open slightly, and at the fifth and last stage, the bud opens completely.

Florists recommend purchasing closed-bud tulips so that the flowers open in stages and last for a longer period of time.

Also, when buying, you should pay attention to the foliage - it should be green, without yellow spots, then the flower will last longer.

Another such useful life hack is to pay attention to the cut of the tulip. It should be fresh with a few light spots (this is just calcium and the presence of such spots is quite natural). It is important that there is no damage, rot on the cut, it should not be dark, advises the owner of the greenhouse complex Vladimir Panin.

So, tulips are bought and donated. What else can be done to make the bouquet last longer? The owner of the flower shop, Ekaterina Komkova, advises that oxygen enters the buds of tulips better, you can pierce them with a needle near the bud.

It is not recommended to place the bouquet next to batteries, fruits and in drafts. In addition, the water in the vase should be changed daily.