, author: Plackhin A.

A South African farmer made a million dollars from pictures her pig drew

Once upon a time, the pig was cooked for slaughter.

Photo source: social media

The owner of a farm in South Africa named Joanne certainly does not regret that she once saved a neighbor's pig from slaughter.

The woman took the pig to herself, creating all the conditions for her to live comfortably. And in gratitude, the pig suddenly began to show interest in painting.

Clearly, everything that led the animal's nose on the canvas, at best pulled on a very abstract art.

But when Joanne began to exhibit paintings in social networks, they suddenly showed interest in collectors from different countries.

Art lovers started coming to the farm, and South African galleries agreed to exhibit the paintings.

Moreover, the paintings began to sell, and the last canvas under the title "Wild and Free" in general went from the auction, bidding for which lasted three days.

As a result, Joanne for the year earned about a million dollars, and the slaughter of the pig is out of the question. By the way, the name of the animal is the most suitable - Picasso.