, author: Plackhin A.

To make the holiday memorable: 7 ideas for celebrating New Year at home

They can be realized while welcoming the holiday with family or friends.

Everyone expects something special from New Year's Eve. Someone hopes for the fulfillment of a cherished wish, someone decides to make radical changes in his life, and someone just wants to see a long-awaited gift under the tree.... Whatever you expect from the upcoming holiday, you can make it even more fun. Even if you're celebrating at home:

A costume party

Decorate your apartment. But not with garlands and tinsel (or not only with them), but, for example, turn it into a cave of primitive people, a princess' castle or a magical forest, placing themed paraphernalia everywhere (you can choose the appropriate music, aromas, etc.). Ask your guests and loved ones to wear costumes that reflect the theme of your transformed home. This will create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Time Capsule

Ask your family and guests to bring something that reflects their plans for the coming year, their wishes and hopes, shortly before the chimes are struck. For example, such an item could be a wedding ring. Or a photo of the university, a student of which you want to become. The choice of "artifact" is limited only by your imagination. Put all the items in one box or other container, which then put away where it will not come to your eyes. Agree that you will open this "time capsule" exactly one year from now and together see what came true.

Culinary Around the World

Have each of your guests prepare a dish reflecting a particular culture for the New Year's feast. In this way you will get the opportunity to get acquainted with several national cuisines at once, to feel the flavor of distant countries without leaving the walls of your home.


Come up with an interesting quest, the tasks for which will be located in different corners of the house. The tasks can reflect both New Year's theme (for example, help Santa Claus to deliver snow to different cities) and any other occasion.

Sea of Lights

You can create a whole sea of light on your summer cottage, on your balcony or even directly in your apartment. Ask your guests to bring something unusual and able to glow - it can be a beautiful scented candle, an original lantern, a glowing ornament.... Dim the lights and enjoy the twinkling lights decorating your party.

Open mic

Organize a creative holiday - let everyone recite poems, perform songs or dances, act out sketches..... One condition is that all creative numbers should be united by the theme of the New Year. You can emphasize the stage in a special way by setting up lighting or hanging a curtain - let it be a real creative evening with the audience, applause and good mood.

Master class

A themed master class (for example, on making Christmas cards or Christmas tree decorations) will unite all the participants of the holiday - small and large, and thus make New Year's Eve even more fun. The master class can be organized independently or with the help of a specially invited host.