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Serbia national team at the 2022 World Cup

Serbs are skilled enough to overcome the group stage.

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We continue to represent the teams of group "G" at the World Cup in Qatar - the next step is the Serbian national team, which traditionally enjoys great support from Russian fans.


The first states of the Serbs arose in the 8th century and were independent for about six hundred years, after which they were first conquered by the Ottomans, and then partly part of Austria-Hungary. Since then, the history of a proud people has been a constant struggle for their sovereignty. Serbia was the basis of Yugoslavia in the 20th century, and after its collapse it became a separate state.

Serbia is famous for its horticulture, fruit and vegetable production, automotive, chemical industry and, of course, its cuisine and music. Legends of the Serbian people - Milos Obilic and Nikola Tesla, Desanka Maksimovic and Milorad Pavic.

Sports are well developed in Serbia: the most successful sports are basketball, water polo, tennis and, of course, football. There are always enough talented players here, and the confrontation between Red Star Zvezda and Partizan has long been considered one of the most striking derbies in Europe.

Serbia national football team

Let's not dive into the history of Yugoslavia - in the success of the then national team there is a contribution from Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, and Slovenes. As for the current Serbian national team, it made its debut at the World Cup in 2010 in South Africa. Starting with a defeat from Ghana, then the Serbs won against Germany - 1:0. Decisive for the further tournament fate was a duel with Australia, which the playoffs no longer shone. However, the representatives of the green continent were stronger - 2:1, and the Serbs were the last in the group.

In 2018, the Serbian national team played at the World Cup in Russia and, apart from combativeness, showed little. The Serbs started with a difficult victory over the Costa Ricans - 1:0. Then, leading in the long run after a quick goal by Aleksandar Mitrovic, capitulated to Switzerland - 1:2, conceding a decisive goal in the last minute. Well, then they were defeated by Brazil - 0:2, becoming third in the group.

Serbian national team stars

Football players from Serbia were in demand in Europe back in socialist times - during the reign of Josip Broz Tito, they were allowed to play abroad. In the application of the Serbian national team for the World Cup in Qatar, there is only one representative of the local championship: Red Star defender Strahinja Jerakovich. The rest play abroad. Well-known throughout Europe are Mallorca goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic, defenders Nikola Milenkovic from Fiorentina, Stefan Mitrovic from Getafe, midfielders Filip Kostic from Juventus, Dusan Tadic from Ajax, Nemanja Gudel from Sevville, Sergei Milinkovic -Savic from Lazio, Sasha Lukic from Torino, forwards Dusan Vlahovic from Juventus, Luka Jovic from Fiorentina, Aleksandar Mitrovic from Fulham.

Opponents in Group "G"

Brazil, Switzerland, Cameroon.

Forecast for the performance of the Serbian national team

Again Switzerland, again Brazil. But neither one nor the other looks invincible. The Serbs, who have a strong midfield and attack, can take a closer look at the defense and take away points from both contenders for the playoffs. Getting into the 1/8 finals will already be an event for the Serbs, and then they will need to rely on fighting qualities, which they have in order. Serbia is one of the dark horses of the 2022 World Cup.