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, author: Ermakova M.

World Cup 2022 day four: Spanish beauty and anime for Germans

The Japanese and Canadians should be congratulated on a good game, but Belgium and Croatia puzzled a lot.

The fourth day of the World Cup in Qatar gave a lot of food for thought: many teams did not appear at all in the images that they were trying on before the start of the tournament. And only the Spanish team has not changed itself.

Morocco - Croatia - 0:0

The day began with a rather pale game, and it's not just about the score. However, there are, of course, fewer complaints against the Moroccans: they are inferior in composition and class, and therefore quite reasonably chose defensive tactics and succeeded in it. And even managed to organize two dangerous attacks, but with the blows of Hakim Ziyech and Ashraf Hakimi, the goalkeeper of the “checkered” Dominik Livakovic coped.

But the Croats were expected to play brighter football: two shots on target for the vice-champion of the world are still not enough. Apparently, after all, age takes its toll, and the stars of the Croatian national team are no longer as good as four years ago in Russia. The Croatians held the ball two-thirds of the time, but limited themselves to a dangerous free-kick from Luka Modric and a blocked kick from ex-soldier Nikola Vlašić.

Germany - Japan - 1:2

Samurai clicked on the nose of the Germans, and rightly so. So far, they are remembered only for whining about the forbidden captain's armbands, then - on the same occasion - with their mouths covered in a pre-match photo. Maybe it's time to play football?

In fairness, it should be noted that the first half was a success for the Germans: they had a big advantage, but, like Argentina yesterday in the match with Saudi Arabia, they scored only once from the penalty spot - Ilkay Gundogan scored in the 33rd minute. And then they relaxed and did not notice that the Japanese became stronger. In the 71st minute, Asian goalkeeper Shuichi Gonda created a miracle, parrying four shots per minute. And then Ritsu Doan and Takuma Asano turned the game around 180 degrees. The imposing Germans tried to win back, but almost nothing came of it.

Perhaps the German national team is still being rehabilitated, but it is already clear that this is not the impeccable Bundestim that it was during the time of Joachim Loew. So you can not leave the group.

Spain - Costa Rica - 7:0

But the Spaniards came to Qatar to enjoy the game and give joy to people. The Costa Rica team is not as weak as the final result might suggest: the Spaniards are simply too good. They had more than 80 percent of the ball and made a solid impression - like in championship days. Although, of course, now Luis Enrique's team must test themselves against the backdrop of a stronger opponent.

Belgium 1-0 Canada

The Canadians started the second World Cup in their history with a pretty game. In the first half, it was amazing to see the big names in the Belgian uniform back to goal under the pressure of the Maple Leaves, who squandered moments one after another. Salvation for the black-yellow-reds was a goal in the locker room, scored by Michy Batshuayi after the transfer of Toby Alderweireld across the entire field.

After the break, the Belgians played better, adapted to the opponent, while the Canadians dropped their hands, became timid, played more slowly and seemed to resign themselves to defeat. Well, the Belgians, although they didn’t score more, brought the match to victory.