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Brazil: five-time world champions confidently dealt with the Serbs

If a football match lasted only 45 minutes, then the Serbs could count on a sensation. But in the second half, something broke in the game of the national team from the Balkans.

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Group G in Qatar was too reminiscent of one of the groups at the World Cup in Russia. Again, according to the results of the draw, Brazil, Serbia, and Switzerland meet. Then, in the confrontation between the Serbs and the Brazilians, the Latin Americans turned out to be stronger - 2:0. For four years, each of the teams has changed. The Brazilians, who have not won the World Cup for twenty years, dream of getting a sixth star on their uniform. And the Serbs, who came to the tournament in good shape, could well count on a positive outcome this time in the match against the Pentacampeons.

From the first minutes, the Brazilians created more dangerous moments. Neymar had the brightest, almost scoring goal: the star of the Brazilian national team twisted from the corner, but Vanja Milinkovic-Savic pulled the ball flying into the goal from under the crossbar. The Serbs, on the other hand, rarely broke through to the Brazilian possessions, but at the same time held the defense firmly, sometimes on the verge of a foul. Several times the Brazilians appealed to the judge, demanding to point to the 11-meter mark, but to no avail. Persistent first half ended goalless - 0:0.

After the break, the Brazilians are clearly shaken up. Lack of implementation. At first, Neymar let down the technique: he hit the touch, but did not spin the ball into the top nine. In the 60th minute, the Serbian national team was saved by the post: Milinkovic-Savic missed the ball after Alex Sandra hit, he hit the post, but flew off into the field, not into the goal. However, after two minutes, the Pentacampeons achieved their goal: Neymar entered the penalty area, left the ball to Vinicius, who hit on goal. The goalkeeper of the Serbs parried - but right on the course of Richarlison, who sent the ball into the gate already left by Milinkovich-Savic. The time has come for the Brazilians to perform one of their ten dances that they have prepared to celebrate the first ten goals in this World Cup.

The second goal of the Brazilians may well claim at least the title of the best in the group stage. Vinicius sent the ball to the 11-meter mark, where the same Richarlison received it and sent the ball into the net with a turn through himself - 2:0.

Towards the end of the match, the Serbian national team was again saved by the goal frame: this time, Casemira hit the crossbar. But the Brazilians had no more such bright moments. Although two goals were enough for the pentacampeons to climb to first place in the group. Serbs with zero points are fourth.

Match protocol

Brazil - Serbia - 2:0 (0:0)

November 24th. Lusail. Lusail Stadium.

Referee - Fagani (Iran).

Brazil: Alisson, Danilo, Silva, Marquinhos, Sandra, Casemiro, Lucas Paqueta (Fred 75), Rafinha (Martinelli 87), Junior (Rodrigo 76), Neymar (Antoni 79), Richarlison (Jesus 79).

Serbia: V. Milinkovic-Savic, Milenkovic, Veljkovic, Pavlovic, Zivkovic (Radonic 57), Lukic (Lazovic 65), Gudel (Ilic 57), Mladenovic (Vlahovic 66), Tadic, Mitrovic (Maximovic 83) , S. Milinkovich-Savic.

Goals: 1:0 Richarlison (62), 2:0 Richarlison (73).

Booked: Pavlovic (7), Gudel (49), Lukic (64)