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, author: Ermakova M.

Big 8: who will advance to the 2022 World Cup semi-finals?

At the World Cup in Qatar, the time of completely unpredictable matches begins.

The World Cup in Qatar has already proved that predicting the outcome of matches is a risky business. Nevertheless, on the eve of the quarter-finals, let's try to guess which of the opponents has a better chance of getting into the semi-finals.

Croatia - Brazil

The Zlatko Dalic team can already be satisfied with their performance at the 2022 World Cup. The reigning vice-champion of the world brought to Qatar many of those who won silver in Russia in 2018, but during this time they have not become younger. That's why the Croats play noticeably harder than before. With difficulty, they left the group, arranged a difficult match in the 1/8 finals with Japan, and it was not so much the Croatian team that reached the quarterfinals, but goalkeeper Livakovic, who parried three penalties.

Brazil is the antonym of Croatia. Pure inspiration and signature Brazilian romance. It was evident that at the start of the playoffs in the match with South Korea, the Brazilians played with a margin. The Croats have a better squad, and it will be more difficult to overcome the defense. In the end, there is already a dry defeat from Cameroon in the passive of the pentakampeons, and one should not think that it will be possible to easily overcome the “checkered”.

Netherlands - Argentina

Predicting the winner in this pair is the most difficult. "Orange" at the start of the tournament clearly saved their strength and progressed from game to game. However, even then it was clear that this was a team of bright personalities, which lacked the vector of the game a little. However, in the match with the Americans, Louis van Gaal's wards looked more harmonious.

The Argentina national team is hostage to Lionel Messi. The team cannot but build the game through him - not because Messi will start throwing ultimatums, but because he really determines the team's game. You can say that he lacks speed, but first of all he lacks high-class partners. From this, the game balance of the albicelesta can be disturbed.

Morocco - Portugal

The Moroccans are athletic, patient, they are not at all pressured by the result, and even more so after a sensational victory over Spain. It is quite obvious that the neighbors in the Mediterranean will not play open football with the red-greens either.

In the Portuguese national team, unlike Spain, there are people who know how to complete attacks. And it's not only Cristiano Ronaldo that proved the match against Switzerland. One goal is enough - and the Moroccans can crumble. It is hard to imagine that this goal will not happen. And there is no need to pay attention to the talk that Ronaldo is again dissatisfied with everyone.

England - France

Two completely equal teams, and therefore the fight promises to turn into a confrontation, firstly, between two coaches - Gareth Southgate and Didier Deschamps, and secondly, the bright personalities of the two teams. Can Kylian Mbappe or Harry Kane be shut down? The British defense looks stronger, but the French seem to be more creative in attack. It is possible that the denouement will come only in the penalty shootout.

It is noteworthy that both rivals have one misfire at the 2022 World Cup: the English attack group was successfully held back by the Wales team, and the French forwards failed to print the gates of the Tunisians.