, author: Ermakova M.

The champion is in the final again: the French team stopped Morocco

Wards of Didier Deschamps managed to do what the Spaniards and the Portuguese did not.

Whoever was prophesied to be the finalists of the World Cup in Qatar, who just did not flash like a meteor in the changeable firmament of the tournament - but they all went out. And the last, surprisingly, went out the national team of Morocco.

A long way to the top: the World Cup in Qatar has become a triumph for African football

In the second semi-final match, in which the French and Moroccans met, it was hardly worth waiting for sparkling football. The guys from North Africa preach rational, expectant football throughout the entire tournament - and the result justifies them. The French, realizing that the opponent has already collected a collection of scalps taken from the note favorites, would hardly have gone forward without looking back at the gate.

But everything started very well for the French: already in the fifth minute they opened the scoring. The first attack brought results: Antoine Griezmann passed to Kylian Mbappe, he hit twice in a row, but hit the opponents, but Theo Hernandez, flying high, sent the ball into the goal.

The Moroccans would not have climbed so far in the tournament bracket if such an opening had broken them. Already in the tenth minute, they could even the score – Azzedine Unai struck thinly under the bar, and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris managed to fend off the ball only with his fingertips.

The French acted quite clearly on the defensive, and this attack by the Moroccans became a single event. But the score could grow even before the break – and more than once. The protagonist of the two scoring episodes was Olivier Giroud. First, he powerfully hit the post, and then, finishing off the ball reflected by Yassin Bunu, from seven meters he did not hit the empty net. At the end of the match, the Moroccans nevertheless reminded of themselves: Javad El-Yamik, after filing from the corner flag, hit the post.

After the break, the French allowed the opponent to have more possession of the ball, but they skillfully defended themselves and allowed little to be created, but they themselves almost did not go forward, and sometimes they played for time not at all like a champion. As a result, the second half turned into a drag - until the 79th minute, when Randal Colo-Muani, who had barely entered the field, scored the second goal. However, everything was arranged for him by Mbappe, who beat four defenders in the Moroccan penalty area. True, his blow did not work out, but the ball got to Colo-Muani, breaking past Buna, who rushed to cut across.

Everything was essentially decided, but the Moroccans fought until the last minute – already in stoppage time Unai and Abderrazak Hamdalla in a fuss tried to push at least one ball into the gates of Lloris.

Well, the strongest won - without much brilliance, but thanks to skill. Now on the way for the reigning world champions is the Argentina national team. Mbappe vs Messi, Europe vs South America - the poster is excellent, and football promises to be interesting. Well, the Moroccan national team will have a bronze final against the Croats.

Not Messi alone: Argentina confidently reached the final of the World Cup in Qatar

Match protocol

France - Morocco - 2:0 (1:0).
December 14th. El-Hawr. El Bayt Stadium.
Referee - Ramos (Mexico).
France: Lloris, Kunde, Varane, Conate, Hernandez, Tchouameni, Fofana, Giroud (Thuram 65), Griezmann, Dembele (Colo-Mouani 79), Mbappe.
Morocco: Bunu, Hakimi, Saiss (Amalla, 21; Ez Abde, 78), El-Yamik, Dari, Mazraoui (Attiyat-alla, 46), Ziyech, Amrabat, Unai, En-Nesiri (Amdallah, 66), Boufal ( Abuhlal, 67).
Goals: 1:0 Hernandez (5), 2:0 Colo-Muani (79).
Warned - Boofal (27).