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, author: Plackhin A.

Alina Zagitova fulfilled her dream

On Valentine's Day, the figure skater took to the stage as a singer for the first time.

The only single figure skater in Russian history and the second in world history after Kim Yong-A, Alina Zagitova, who won all the titles in world figure skating, went on stage on Valentine's Day and performed with the singer Zivert the song Credo.

Alina sang her dream at the "Lovers of Figure Skating" festival that was held the day before at the CSKA Arena. And although she was very nervous, everything went perfectly.

"Today I did something no one expected me to do. Even myself, I think. I sang and thought, 'Is this me? And next to me sang Zivert. And for some reason with me? Or is it just me? On stage! So many times in my life, different people tell me what to do. What I want. What's best for me. What I need and what I don't need at all. Today, all these people, of course, got a little worse", - Alina Zagitova wrote in her Telegram-channel.

She advised her fans not to be afraid to express themselves, "because if you listen to others, you'll never learn to hear the most important person in your life - Yourself!