, author: Ermakova M.

Brook is a perfect fight for Smith, but I expect a rematch with Eubank

Boxxer promoter Ben Shalom listed options for Liam Smith.

There were reports last month that Chris Eubank Jr officially activated the rematch clause to face Liam Smith, however Boxxer promoter Ben Shalom told Sky Sports that while he still expects Eubank Jr to continue, the fight with Kell Brook is another tempting prospect for Smith.

“It would be perfect for both of them because Kell wants to fight at 154 and Liam wants to fight at 154. This is the ideal way. There is nothing to fool around here, and it would be a massive brawl. But Kell has good options. I'm just happy that he's around, he's in shape, he's healthy, he's ready for the big fights,” he said.

As Shalom reveals, Brook is in a much better position as he continues to train after announcing his retirement following his big win against Amir Khan, having settled that long feud.

So while Brook could potentially be a solid Plan B for Smith, Shalom says they are currently planning on fulfilling their contractual obligations for Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 until it's clear if that may or may not happen. That's not to say he isn't considering even more potential options for Smith, including early talks for him to meet Tim Tszyu.