, author: Ermakova M.

I cried a little when I listened to the voice from Kostomarov

Roman Kostomarov is recovering from a serious illness.

Coach Alexander Zhulin spoke about how he reacted to voice messages from figure skater Roman Kostomarov, who is in the hospital. He noted that on the skater's birthday, his friends and colleagues wrote down many messages and wishes for the skater and sent them to his wife. Now that Kostomarov has come to his senses, he listens to wishes and responds to them.

“Two days ago I received a voice message from Roman Kostomarov. You can imagine what happened to me. I open the phone with shaking hands, I hear Roma’s voice, weak, yes, but absolutely adequate. He said thank you to everyone who congratulated him on his birthday "That is, the person came out of this state and said that he would fight, he intends to actively engage. I heard a lot of positive in his voice. Frankly, I cried a little even when I listened to all this. Because we are all for him for a very long time prayed, worried. I think, like the whole country. I just want to wish Roma to get out of this situation, and great health," Zhulin said.

Roman Kostomarov was admitted to the hospital in early January with a severe form of pneumonia and underwent several amputations against the backdrop of necrosis. Now the skater is being prepared for rehabilitation and prosthetics.