, author: Ermakova M.

I don't want the special effects to interrupt the skating itself

The coach believes that her show is a celebration of sports.

Eteri Tutberidze told why her show has fewer special effects than others.

“I’ve read an interview with the team of “comrades-in-arms” on the show. They say that they invest in all sorts of special effects, and this is the show. And Tutberidze’s is not interesting there. Well, probably, our show can then be called a holiday of sports. results of the season. We repeat good programs. I don’t want the special effects to interrupt the skating itself," she said.

Tutberidze emphasized that the show, where the skaters show their elements, is needed in order to keep the athletes in shape, and also noted that there is a kind of battle between them. In addition, the coach believes that the viewer goes to the show in order to see their favorite athletes in action.