, author: Ermakova M.

"Sasha is our diamond" - Yana Rudkovskaya spoke about Alexander Trusova

Trusova performs in Evgeni Plushenko's show "Russian Seasons".

Yana Rudkovskaya spoke about the tour of Evgeni Plushenko's show "Russian Seasons".

The producer noted that she was proud of the girls. For example, Alexandra Trutova performed a quadruple lutz in the last three cities. Rudkovskaya believes that this is an amazing indicator out of season.

“I asked Sasha not to jump the quadruple lutz on a small platform. Sasha is our diamond, and I really want the diamond to remain a diamond. He didn’t suffer at all. Our Sasha is very dear to us, like Mark, like all our girls. When we have a small platform , I still recommend not to jump, but what to do, "said Rudkovskaya.