, author: Ermakova M.

Navka said that Kostomarov personally congratulated her on her birthday

The figure skater celebrated her 48th birthday on April 13.

Tatyana Navka thanked her friends and fans for the birthday wishes, and also said that Roman Kostomarov congratulated her.

"My dear relatives, friends, colleagues, fans of figure skating, thank you all very much for such a huge number of kind words and wishes addressed to me. You are incredible! Each congratulation is priceless and very touching for me, but one congratulation, due to circumstances ", it was especially unexpected and joyful. Roma personally congratulated, I was extremely glad to hear his voice! ", she wrote in her telegram channel.

Kostomarov continues to be in intensive care, where he ended up on January 10 with a severe form of pneumonia. Now the skater is recovering from amputation operations.