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, author: Ermakova M.

Kozlovsky and Boikova landed a quadruple ejection

Kozlovsky compared the execution of the element with a trip to the Forbidden Forest in the Harry Potter books.

The sports couple Alexandra Boikova / Dmitry Kozlovsky performed a four-turn ayboros at the Eteri Tutberidze show in Moscow.

"Sasha broke a certain barrier. In pair skating, a quadruple throw was treated as something beyond. If you draw an analogy, it's like the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter. You shouldn't go there, but like the famous trio from books, our duet proved that you can go there, and you can even return from there. We made a quadruple throw not just as part of the training process, we did it in the most difficult conditions, with virtually no warm-up, "Kozlovsky said after the performance.

Kozlovsky also expressed his hope that in the future the people on whom scoring in figure skating depends will give more points for performing elements of ultra-c in pair skating.