, author: Plackhin A.

Daniel Gleichenhaus: It's hard to pretend that everything is fine

The choreographer said that he would like to go back to the Olympics and the World Championships as soon as possible.

Daniil Gleikhenhaus, the choreographer of the group of Eteri Tutberidze, spoke about the fact that Russian athletes do not participate in international competitions.

"So far we have not received any information about when we will be back, when we will be admitted. This, of course, is oppressive. When you've lived your whole life knowing that your main tournament is the world championship, and once every four years it's the Olympics. It's hard to pretend it's okay without it. You are already used to a certain mentality. Of course, we want to get back to the international scene as soon as possible, to show our level, our programs, so that the whole world will watch and respect us for our work," he said.

Russian athletes have been suspended from international competitions since March 2022.

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