, author: Ermakova M.

Semi-finals of the Conference League determined

In the confrontation between AZ and Anderlecht, it came to a penalty shootout.

The return matches of the quarter-finals of the Conference League took place.

"Fiorentina" (Italy) - "Lech" (Poland) - 2:3 (the first match - 4:1).

AZ (Netherlands) - Anderlecht (Belgium) - 2:0 (first leg - 0:2), pen. 4:1.

"Nice" (France) - "Basel" (Switzerland) - 1:2 (the first match - 2:2).

"West Ham" (England) - "Ghent" (Belgium) - 4:1 (the first match - 1:1).

Fiorentina will face Basel in the semi-finals, while West Ham will face AZ. The first legs will take place on May 11 on the fields of the teams indicated first, the return legs - on May 18.

Photo source: Julian Finney / Getty Images