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, author: Ermakova M.

Yolanda Chen on the statements of Alena Kostornaya

The famous athlete considered Kostornaya's words unacceptable.

Yolanda Chen spoke about the words of Alena Kostornaya about the work of the Eteri Tutberidze group. Earlier, the skater said that they achieve results by any means, and the work itself is similar to a conveyor belt.

“You left her, then returned. Why did you return to her if you knew about the “conveyor”? Didn’t you think? No, while everything worked out, you liked everything, studied further and calmly gave out interviews: what a good Eteri Georgievna and what wonderful programs she was put in. Then she went to another coach, where nothing worked, and ran back, where she got the result. Now you are giving out idiotic interviews, how bad everything is. You are discrediting yourself, "Chen said.

She also stressed that Kostornaya should have answered questions about the past more concisely.