, author: Ermakova M.

Nepomniachtchi lost to Dean in the 12th game of the world championship matc

The Chinese grandmaster equalized the score in the confrontation.

The Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi lost to the Chinese Ding Liren in the 12th game of the World Chess Championship match.

Dean, who played white, used the Colle system, had the initiative, but lost it in the middle game. Nepomniachtchi took possession of the advantage, however, due to mistakes, the position leveled off, then the Chinese got the advantage in the material. At the end of the game, the Russian got into time trouble and failed to save the duel, resigning on the 38th move.

The score in the match was equalized - 6:6.

The 13th game will take place on April 27. Nepomniachtchi will play with White.