, author: Ermakova M.

Kamila Valieva: In Tatarstan, they treat me like their granddaughter

The figure skater often participates in Tatarstan events.

Kamila Valieva said that she was very pleased with the attention she was receiving in Tatarstan.

“In Tatarstan, they treat me like their granddaughter. It’s very pleasant and a little unusual for me. Sometimes I’m even shy. You come to an event, meet with an official, and he asks you how you are, talks to you like a father. I remember how Rustam Minnikhanov hosted us. He asked me about the Olympics, how I feel after it, if I need help. He seemed to me a very kind person," she said.

The skater also noted that she does not speak Tatar: she knows only the most basic words. She said that at home they speak it when they want to keep secrets.