, author: Ermakova M.

Ilya Averbukh spoke about working with Sofia Shevchenko and Andrey Yezhlov

Shevchenko, who previously worked in the Averbukh group as a coach, resumed her career.

Choreographer and coach Ilya Averbukh spoke about the upcoming work with the dance couple Sofya Shevchenko / Andrey Yezhlov.

“I help Sonya and Andryusha with programs, it will be interesting, we have already put on a free program, they like it. But it’s clear that Andrey still came to dance quite late. He has an amazing element - somersaults, but it is not appreciated in dancing "This, of course, is great in the show, and ribs are important in dancing. But we are trying to catch up. Of course, this is a couple of Elena Maslennikova's school, we work closely with her, I supervise the school, lead, push," he said.

He also noted that he sees that he sees the potential of the couple, but they need time to work together.