, author: Ermakova M.

Two ways of Vadim Nemkov: revenge for Fedor or the overthrow of John Jones

The career of the Bellator champion is about to change.

On the night of June 17, Russian fighter Vadim Nemkov defeated Cuban Yoel Romero by unanimous decision, once again retaining the Bellator light heavyweight title.

After that, the head of promotion Scott Cocker called Nemkov the best light heavyweight in the world, and the athlete himself did not rule out his transition to heavyweight due to the lack of competition in the current weight category.

At the same time, experts have long been "wooing" Nemkov in the UFC. And although the athlete himself denies his interest in the best league in the world, options, as they say, are possible.

What career path will the Russian eventually choose?

Fedor Emelianenko's abuser

Photo source: Bellator

Still, Vadim's transition to the heavyweight division seems most likely, because in light heavyweight he has already beaten everyone he could.

It is clear that even such an elite fighter is unlikely to immediately be given a title fight in a new weight category. But they won't be kept on distant approaches for a long time either.

So, on the horizon Nemkov will soon face a confrontation with the undisputed heavyweight champion of recent years, Ryan Bader.

This is the same Bader who once defeated our legend Fedor Emelianenko, and the same one who did not allow him to end his career on a positive note, winning the second meeting as well.

It is clear that under the fight between Nemkov and Bader they will see the potential revenge of the Russian for his senior comrade. Moreover, they have known each other for a long time and are friendly.

But the main thing for Vadim, of course, will be the title. For, Bader is something more serious than driving Corey Anderson or Carl Moore around the octagon.

Jamal Hill or John Jones

Vadim Nemkov has long been predicted (and even advised) to move to the UFC. And although the fighter himself says that everything suits him in Bellator, the president of the strongest leash in the world, Dana White, has many opportunities to make an offer that will be difficult to refuse.

And here, in the event of Nemkov's hypothetical consent, specialists are at a loss as to which division the Russian will choose.

If your native light heavyweight, is the fighting cast very curious there? Jamal Hill, while injured ex-champion Jiri Prochazka, Jan Blachowicz and our Magomed Ankalaev. All fighters are named, but Nemkov is quite capable.

If he decides to experiment with heavy weight, but in the UFC, he will actually have one main challenge. But on the other hand, in the person of the legendary John Jones, who, after a three-year break, immediately returned his title on the first attempt.

Yes, there are also Cyril Gann, Stipe Miocic, Sergei Pavlovich, Curtis Blades, Alexander Volkov.

But most experts believe that Nemkov will have enough of his fighting qualities to defeat each of them.

But going up against Jones is a risk anyway, as a loss would push Nemkov back down the rankings, and he won't get his next title shot anytime soon. And being average even in the best league in the world is definitely not for Nemkov.

But the overthrow of the "throne" of Dana White's pet can make the Russian fighter a real "king" of the octagon.