, author: Plackhin A.

Kamila Valieva: If the fans find out what we think about in the program...

The figure skater commented on her short program.

Kamila Valieva told why skaters do not enjoy the program during the performance.

"If the fans find out what we are thinking about in the program, they will be very, very upset. Because most of the time there are automatic movements going on, as they are practiced in training, and sometimes more emotions are added. Dear fans, spectators, know that while the jumping elements are going on, it is very difficult to enjoy the program. But we are trying, really," she said after performing the short program.

The figure skater also noted that she was very worried about performing in her home arena, but coach Eteri Tutberidze was able to find the right words.

Kamila Valiyeva won the short program at the Grand Prix in Kazan