, author: Plackhin A.

"We'll wait and see": Tarasova on Andrei Mozalev's transfer to Tutberidze

According to Tatiana Tarasova, Andrei Mozalev made a choice in favor of a famous coach.

Photo source: From Tatiana Tarasova’s social networks.

Tatiana Tarasova, honored USSR figure skating coach, commented on the news about Andrei Mozalev's transfer from Kirill Davydenko to Eteri Tutberidze's group. According to her, the figure skater made a choice in favor of the famous coach.

"Mozalev worked with a very good coach, they were doing well. Now he wants to train with a very famous coach. What else is there to comment on? Nobody consulted me, why should I discuss it. It happens that athletes want to train with other specialists, if the Ministry of Sport approves it. And, as a rule, no one is against it. We'll live - we'll see," - quotes Tarasova RIA Novosti.

Recall, Andrei Mozalev all his professional career was engaged under the guidance of Kirill Davydenko, becoming world junior champion in 2020, a participant in the Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing. This season he became a bronze medalist at the Russian Grand Prix of Figure Skating stage in Ufa, and fourth at the Russian Grand Prix of Figure Skating stage in Samara. At the Russian Championships, Mozalev took 11th place.