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, author: Ermakova M.

Visiting Costa Rica: Do's and Don'ts When Visiting the Country

Once in a real gem of nature, there are a few things you should pay attention to in order to ensure your safety in particular.

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One of the destinations on most people's must-see travel list is tropical Costa Rica. This Central American country is home to wild jungles, incredible national parks, cascading waterfalls and more. However, there are things that absolutely should not be done when visiting the pearl of nature.

Don't feed the monkeys

Monkeys in Costa Rica are one of the main attractions of the country. There are 4 species: capuchins, howler monkeys, squirrels and spiders. Regardless of species, they should never be fed. They are wild animals and feeding them, often with food that is not suitable for their diet, disrupts their balance and lifestyle.

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Always wear shoes

There are a lot of spider species in Costa Rica, some of which are poisonous. NEVER put on shoes without first making sure a spider hasn't slipped into them.

Beware of volcanoes

Of the 116 volcanoes in the country, 7 are still active. Be careful. San Jose and the surrounding area regularly receive volcanic ash showers that can disrupt domestic and international flights. The alert level can be raised and evacuation orders can be issued at any time.

Before traveling to the area, learn about an active volcano, follow all warnings, and follow the advice of local authorities in the event of a volcanic eruption. The Costa Rica National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Response occasionally issues warnings and evacuation orders. Make sure you know the latest information related to the regions you visit.

Don't touch the frogs

There are a huge number of frogs in Costa Rica. Although they are very pleasant to look at, it is not recommended to touch them, as some species are poisonous.

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Don't take an unofficial taxi

If you need to hail a taxi in Costa Rica, contact only the official ones. They are easy to recognize - they are red cars with a yellow triangle on the front doors.

These cars have "La Maria" meters, as opposed to unofficial taxis that may charge you more than the regular fare.

Don't worry about the rain

The rainy season in Costa Rica lasts from May to November. If you travel during this period, it will rain every day. Don't take it as a disappointment or you will ruin your holiday!

The rain is heavy and frequent, but it does not last long. Learn to live with it, dress appropriately, or take the opportunity to take a break.

Don't try to travel the whole country in one trip

Costa Rica is a small country, but in any case it would be an illusion to want to get to know it completely in one trip. Don't try to cover a lot of things in too short a period of time.

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Don't go to Costa Rica during the holiday season

Spending Christmas in Costa Rica is a good idea, but you should be well aware that this is one of the busiest periods in terms of attendance. If you're looking for peace of mind, this should probably be avoided.

Very strict tobacco policy*

It should not be consumed even on the street, especially near schools, bus stops, etc. Always ask if you are eligible, and especially don't throw cigarette butts on the floor under penalty!

* - Smoking is bad for your health.