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Spain by Rail: The Best Train Trips for Travelers

The train has retained its romanticism of the beginning of the last century, and you can enjoy an eight-day trip from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela.

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Traveling in Spain by train will leave a lasting impression on tourists, as traveling by train allows you to enjoy endlessly beautiful routes. Let's talk about the tourist trains that run through this magnificent country.

Transcantabrico train

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The oldest train for luxury tourism. It runs in northern Spain. The train has retained its romanticism of the beginning of the last century. Travelers are given the opportunity to enjoy an eight-day trip from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela.

La Robla Express

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Let's stop in the north of Spain, where trains offer beautiful routes on the Camino de Santiago, which is offered in July, September and October. While the classic decor makes the train so special, the views from the outside are the most romantic.

Galician tourist trains

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Every year in Spain, many themed tourist trains run from May to October, the routes of which pass through some of the most beautiful places in the country. Some of the best trails include the route of mansions and historic gardens, and the Roman route of Lugo. While traveling on this train, you can also taste Galician wine, which has become very famous among travelers.

Tren dels Llacs

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You can travel in vintage carriages or in modern trains with panoramic views, but in any case, the experience will be incredible. There are many stops in Calatonia, Castell de Mur and other national parks. Most of these historic trains offer trips on Saturdays from April to October, as well as Saturdays in July and August.

Al Andalus

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A very luxurious train designed to carry the British Royal Family between France and Spain. Travel to different cities such as Ronda, Cadiz, Córdoba, Baeza and Úbeda and taste delicious delicacies from the train's chefs.

Campos de Castilla

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Here we recommend heading to Soria from the capital to spend a weekend surrounded by poetry and local cuisine. Usually this trip can be made on weekends from May to November.

Cervantes train

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It is named after the Spanish writer Miguel Cervantes. It follows the historic city of Alcala de Henares, where Miguel Cervantes was born. The train offers multi-day trips as well as day trips during which travelers are entertained by various costumed actors.

Philip II train

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The train ride starts from San Lorenzo de El Escorial and ends near Madrid. This train is a 20th century locomotive built by Philip II in the 16th century. Here you can see the Royal Pantheon, the library, the basilica and the Habsburg palace.

Siguen Medieval Train

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The “City of the Young Knight” is located just 130 kilometers from Madrid, and it has a medieval atmosphere. There are many folk singers and actors who entertain travelers throughout the journey. After arriving in Sigüença, the guide takes visitors to the castle, Plaza Mayor and the cathedral. The train offers trips usually from April to November.

Strawberry train

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The trips are ideal for spring and autumn weekends, from the capital city of Madrid to Aranjuez, famous for its strawberries and also a World Heritage Site. Once you reach Aranjuez, you can visit the gardens, the palace or the sights by bus-train.

Soller Railway

Throughout the trip, you will enjoy the stunning views that the island of Mallorca has to offer. The journey starts in the city of Palma, continues to the Sierra de Alfabia and reaches Soller, where the oranges are in blossom.