, author: Ermakova M.

Mozambique canceled visas for citizens of 28 countries

Tourists will be able to stay in Mozambique for 30 days, and extend their stay in the country for another 60 days.

Mozambique has canceled visas for foreigners from 28 countries arriving in the country for tourism or business purposes. The corresponding decision was made by the Council of Ministers of the country.

"The Council of Ministers has approved a regulation exempting the list of countries from the need to obtain tourist and business visas to enter the country," according to a statement published on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Mozambique.

Thus, citizens of Belgium, Great Britain, Ghana, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Côte d'Ivoire, the Netherlands, Norway, UAE, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia can enter the country without a visa. , Senegal, Singapore, USA, Ukraine, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, South Korea and Japan.

You can stay without a visa in Mozambique for up to 30 days with the possibility of a subsequent extension for another 60 days. At the same time, at least 48 hours before arrival, you must register on the online platform, as well as pay a fee of 650 Mozambican meticals, which is about 10 US dollars.