, author: Ermakova M.

In pursuit of sharp adventures: five mystical places in Russia

Mysterious stories attract tourists at all times.

The demand for mysticism among tourists has always been high. For example, one of the most popular excursions in the Czech capital is called “Mystical Prague”. There are similar tours in Russia, for example, in the Northern capital. Adventure lovers are put into a comfortable bus and taken around St. Petersburg at night.

A new round of interest for lovers of mystical research began with the release in 2020 of the Russian TV series "Territory", based on the Komi-Permyak epic. A stream of tourists poured into Kudymkar to find out everything about the mysterious hiccups, chud and pam. But for now, a corner of the Perm Territory is not included in the list of the most mysterious places in Russia. And here are the top 5 points on the map, which will definitely tickle the nerves of lovers of mysticism.

Death Valley (Yakutia)

Location: 64°46′00″ s. sh. 109°28′00″ E d., Mirninsky district of Yakutia

The valley is located on the right side of the Vilyui River. Locals report huge red metal cauldrons that can't be broken, with rooms inside. Those who spent the night in these boilers fell ill with an unknown disease and died. They say that animals do not come here and birds do not fly. According to one of the legends, it is believed that the wreckage of an alien ship could have been preserved in this anomalous zone.

Saami labyrinths (Karelia)

Location: northern part of Karelia, Kuzova archipelago

The northern labyrinths are a complex system of spiral figures ranging in size from 5 to 30 meters, made of small natural stones. They are found not only in Karelia, but also on the islands of the White Sea, the Kola Peninsula, Scandinavia, Britain, Novaya Zemlya. It is believed that these complex labyrinths are the gates to a parallel world. Sami labyrinths were places for worshiping gods and performing various rituals. Local tribes believed that each of the stones has its own special energy. They believed that the dead shamans settled in boulders and could serve as guides for people between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Another of the assumptions is the iconic imitation of fish traps, since such labyrinths were often located near rivers or the sea.

Magadan stones on the hill

Location: Magadan city, Dukcha microdistrict

One of the few mysterious objects in the collection, which is located within the city. If you climb a hill above the quarry, you can see strips of stones symmetrically stacked in the open space - and this is definitely not a natural pattern. Locals (especially those who believe in mysticism) hear voices coming from the stones. According to one of the legends, the souls of ancient nomads are immured inside them.

Whale Alley (Chukotka)

Location: Itygran Island

Whale Alley is an ancient Eskimo sanctuary. Two rows of huge bones and skulls of bowhead whales are dug into the ground. The massive accumulation of bones indicates that this is an ancient ritual burial ground. Locals believe that the whale alley has its own energy, which can be dangerous for mere mortals. It is assumed that sacrifices were made here in ancient times.

Manpupuner (Komi)

Location: Pechoro-Ilychsky Nature Reserve, interfluve of the Ilyk and Pechora rivers

Manpupuner, or Pillars of weathering, are considered one of the wonders of the world in Russia. This is a complex of seven remnants with a height of 30 to 42 meters. Previously, there were mountains in the place of the stones, but under the influence of nature, weak rocks were destroyed, and the remnants made of slate were preserved.

But there is a less prosaic explanation for the appearance of the pillars. According to legend, these boulders are associated with giants who once lived on these lands, or rather, these remnants are giants. The legend says that their leader wanted to marry the daughter of the Mansi leader Aim, but was refused. An angry giant attacked the village, but the brother of the failed bride saved the inhabitants and houses with a magic shield, and turned the attackers into huge stones.