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There was an emergency at Drake's concert The musician had to interrupt the show. , Culture Beyoncé may go on a world tour after the grand show in Dubai It seems that the performer intends to return to the stage in earnest and for a long time. , Culture Beyoncé performs live for the first time since 2018 The performer did not go on stage for almost five years. , Culture World stars will perform at the coronation of Charles III The celebrations will take place from 6 to 8 May. , Culture Roger Federer and Penélope Cruz to co-chair the 2023 Met Gala The focus of the event will be the work of the cult fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. , Culture Legendary rock musician David Crosby dies suddenly in US His death was a blow to loved ones and fans. , Culture Director of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' music video Bruce Gowers dies On his account there are many masterpieces for the stars of the world show business. , Culture The Weeknd released a video for the film "Avatar: The Way of the Water" The video is fully consistent with the plot of the picture. , Culture Billie Eilish complained to the police about an obsessive fan It's not the first time that it's not the first time that overly stubborn fans have been chasing a celebrity. , Culture Jeremy Clarkson could lose his Amazon contract over Meghan Markle The journalist allowed himself free thought aloud. , Culture Ozzy Osbourne shocked fans with a phrase about his health Today the musician no longer resembles the legend of world rock. , Culture Elvis Presley's daughter to be buried next to her father The heiress will rest next to the great parent in his estate in Graceland. , Culture Britney Spears compared herself to Shrek after L.A. restaurant scandal The performer found the strength to be self-critical. , Culture Elvis Presley's Daughter Predicted Her Death the Day Before the Tragedy The only heiress to the king of rock 'n' roll was only 55 years old. , Culture Madonna is preparing the biggest world tour of her career The performer can visit more than twenty countries. , Culture Brendan Fraser broke in tears when won the National Board of Review award The 54-year-old actor was noted for his brilliant performance in the lead role in the drama "The Whale." , Culture Britney Spears tried to replicate her iconic 2000 look and failed Social media users did not appreciate the comeback. , Culture Tattoos, fashion and dreams: interesting facts about Selena Gomez What does a celebrity want? what difficulties does she face while preparing for filming and what moments from her childhood she prefers not to remember , Culture Linguist named the main word of 2022 In the past year, it was not even the word, but rather a succinct, but full-fledged expression that took precedence. , Culture