Daniel Radcliffe's representative has denied that he is getting married The reason for the rumors was given by the 34-year-old actor himself, calling girlfriend Erin Darke's parents "in-laws" in an interview. , Lady 10 most interesting and bizarre presentations A language-controlled peripheral, a retro virtual assistant and a ChatGPT-enabled bicycle are on the list of eccentricities. , Hi-Tech Redmi Note 13 4G and Note 13 5G: the cheapest in the new Xiaomi family The new Redmi Note 13 comes with 120Hz displays, 108MP cameras and a 5000mAh battery at a great price. , Hi-Tech LG TVs will soon support Chromecast LG has confirmed that 2022 and 2023 OLED models will receive Chromecast support as part of a WebOS update. , Hi-Tech Solos introduced AirGo 3 smartglasses that translate real-time speech Solos has introduced smart lenses capable of translating conversations with interlocutors in real time. This is made possible thanks to the built-in ChatGPT chatbot. , Hi-Tech Iceland has seen its largest volcanic eruption in half a century Authorities warn that the danger is not over yet. , News Frederick X is proclaimed King of Denmark Frederick X was proclaimed king of Denmark on January 14, 2024. His mother, Queen Margaret, had been on the throne for 52 years. , News Jenna Ortega dressed in white for the premiere of "Miller's Girl" The 21-year-old actress presented her new film in Palm Springs. , Lady Margot Robbie repeated the image of Claudia Schiffer in 1995 After Barbie, the 33-year-old actress tried on the image of another famous blonde. , Lady Spring nymphs Portman and Witherspoon on the AFI Awards red carpet With their cute floral dresses, the actresses set a “fresh” tone for the festive evening. , Lady The best-dressed stars at the Critics Choice Awards 2024 , Lady Andrey Mozalev moved to Eteri Tutberidze's group Coach Kirill Davydenko wished his former ward good luck and announced the termination of cooperation. , Sports