John Mulaney and Olivia Munn attended their first public event as a couple In November 2021, the comedian and actress had a son, Malcolm. , Lady Taylor Swift's cat is richer than her boyfriend Travis Kelce The fortune of the singer’s four-legged “girlfriend” is more than twice that of an American football player. , Lady No nudity: Julia Roberts spoke about her career decision The 56-year-old actress gave a long interview to British Vogue. , Lady “Putting my head in a jar”: Julia Roberts revealed the secret of her youth The 56-year-old actress joked that she couldn’t achieve her youthful appearance without weekly canning. , Lady The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Ball was held in New York Ironclad cast members Bradley Cooper and Lily Gladstone were among those whose film achievements were given special recognition. , Lady Beauty and protection: 4 rules for facial skin care during frost In winter, facial skin especially needs hydration, nutrition and protection. , Lady Irina Viner has named her possible successors Alina Kabaeva was named the most likely candidate. , News MSI Titan 18 HX is the world's first laptop with an 18-inch 4K/120Hz mini L The MSI Titan 18 HX's screen is impressive: brighter, higher contrast and better performance. , Hi-Tech Cindy Crawford appeared on the cover of Singapore's Harper's BAZAAR And talked about her relationship with her model daughter and global luxury brands. , Lady Pumice stone to the rescue: an effective way to get rid of lint Is your favorite sweater covered in lint? There is a simple and cheap solution to remove them so that the garment looks like new again. , Lady Kaizen philosophy: small steps to big changes in yourself From the Japanese of kai (change) and zen (good), Kaizen translates to the pursuit of continuous improvement. At first, this philosophy was used only in the business world, but its success has led to the fact that today it is applied to almost every aspect of life. , Lady Barry Keoghan talks about fighting a deadly infection Fans got a glimpse of the actor in the movie Saltburn with a large scar on his arm. , Lady